Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DX test: Maine

Here's another one from a tough state!:

WCXH 780 kHz Monticello, ME DX Test

Date: Monday morning (late Sunday night), Oct. 29, 2007.
Time: 4 – 5 a.m. Eastern Time, 0800 – 0900 UTC.
5,000 watts using non-directional antenna pattern.

Programming will consist of special voice announcements, march and other special music, Morse code and sweep tones.

Reception reports may be sent to Mr. Allan H. Weiner. WCXH Radio, 274 Britton Rd., Monticello, ME 04760-3110. No eQSL service is being offered for this test. Recordings on disk in .mp3 or .wav format will be accepted as proof of reception.

NOTE: All requests for verifications must be accompanied by return postage in order to receive a reply.

Our sincere thanks to the legendary Allan Weiner for agreeing to conduct this test.

Jim Pogue – KH2AR{censored from spam crooks} www.dxtests.info
IRCA/NRC Joint BTC Coordinator

Again, thanks to Jim for arranging this, and to Allan for running it!

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