Friday, September 21, 2007

DX tests: Nevada, New Mexico

KWWN 1100 kHz Las Vegas, NV

Bill Croghan, WBØKSW, Chief Engineer for Lotus Broadcasting of Las Vegas tells us the new KWWN has been on the air now for about three days as of Sept. 21, running unmodulated carrier (except for ID’s) often at less than 1 KW for tuning and testing.

“It has been many short tests mostly at the lower power levels, but we have run the day pattern at the full 20 KW,” he relates. “As you might imagine, a 20 KW two tower day pattern wasn’t to difficult, but the 2 KW night pattern with four towers, on the next property over from two diplexed 1 KW stations located near in frequency, has been a challenge. We expect to start running longer tests, still primarily unmodulated, next week and the week after and hopefully will ask the FCC for Program test authority in the next two weeks. After receiving that, we will probably start sending the Deportes, Hispanic ESPN programming with ID's at the top of the hour for KWWN. It’s a long drawn out process that must proceed at the FCC required rate and through the hoops they mandate. I'll let you know when we start doing more.”

Once they are through the testing phase, Bill has promised a full fledged DX Test over KWWN. If you hear them testing before then, you can send your reception reports to: Lotus Broadcasting, c/o Bill Croghan, 8755 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89147.

KCKN 1020 kHz Roswell, NM

Jerry Kiefer has promised us a DX Test (maybe 2) from his station. Right now it looks like early November.
“I’ll have an exact date shortly, sometime the first week or two of November on a Sunday night to get some good winter skywave,” Jerry said in a recent e-mail.

Our thanks go to retired BTC Coordinator Les Rayburn for getting the wheels turning on these two tests. We’ll provide more information when the details are nailed down.

Jim Pogue – KH2AR@{sorry, spammers}
IRCA/NRC Joint BTC Coordinator

Thanks again to Jim for arranging these!

KCKN tested in April 2006 and was heard easily here in the Nashville area. Nevada is a tough logging from anywhere in the East; any KWWN test will be much appreciated!

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