Tuesday, September 11, 2007

DX Tests: regular & HD

Two special HD DX tests have been scheduled for the first days of nighttime AM HD Radio:

Phoenix, Arizona: 550KHz:
KFYI will be beginning nighttime HD operation when the FCC authorizes it on Friday.
Correct reception reports to "big hoopla at yahoo - com" for nighttime digital reception between the 14th and 28th will be acknowledged by an email QSL.

Because of the spam scam scum, the email address above has been mangled. Place an underscore (_) between "big" and "hoopla", and replace the o's with 0's. (zeros) I think you know what to put between "hoopla" and "yahoo" and between "yahoo" and "com".

Thanks to Kevin Redding for arranging this!

New York City: 710KHz:
WOR will also run a "HD DX window", for four days beginning on Friday. Reports of nighttime reception of WOR's digital signal can be emailed to "HD QSL at wor 710 - com" until the 18th. QSLs will go only to listeners outside the NYC Metro area. Please, no audio files. Reports should include brief program details along with times and your location. (and since QSL cards are being offered, you should probably include a mailing address :) )

Again, due to the spam scam scum... take the space out of "hd qsl" and out of "wor 710" and put the appropriate punctuation in.

And thanks to Tom Ray W2TRR for arranging this!

Also, another regular analog DX test has been scheduled:
Wiggins, Mississippi: 1420KHz:
WIGG will test between 4 and 4:30am CST, 1000-1030UTC, on Sunday, November 4th.
This is time-change day - in other words, we're switching to standard time two hours before this test.
It's also probably better known as late Saturday night.

Reception reports, with return postage, to:
Mr. Paul A. Turner, WB5TJH
WIGG Radio
959 N. Magnolia Drive
Wiggins, MS 39577

CDs with .mp3 or .wav file recordings of the test can be accepted.

(luckily, the spam crooks are too cheap to spam postal addresses...)
As always, visit DX Tests.info for more details. Good luck!

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