Monday, October 15, 2007

Amendments to applications for new AM stations

Gainesville, Florida: 1180kHz:
Application amended to increase power from 5,000 day/1,600 night to 12,000 day/2,000 night and move transmitter to 29-41-35N/82-26-24W.

Raymond, Maine: 650kHz:
Application amended to increase daytime power from 250 watts to 1,500 watts and move towers to 43-55-24N/70-31-05W (or 43-52-24N/70-31-05W?, both figures appear)

Veradale, Washington: 1170kHz:
Application amended to decrease daytime power from 21,000 watts to 15,000; increase nighttime power from 700 watts to 1,500; and move towers to 47-41-35N/117-09-31W.

Applications in the following cities have been amended to specify new tower sites:
Fayette, Alabama: 1490kHz: to 33-41-25N/87-49-07W
Vidalia, Louisiana: 1340kHz: to 31-34-44N/91-25-16W
Orchard Homes, Montana: 1490kHz: to 46-52-39N/114-02-37W
Jolivue, Virginia: 1490kHz: to 38-06-01N/79-03-55W
Dunbar, West Virginia: 1450kHz: to 38-23-08N/81-42-51W
Rothschild, Wisconsin: 1340kHz: to 44-53-48N/89-37-41W

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