Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Call changes for AM stations

(some of these may be old news)

ALAB Centre 1560 WLYJ from WZTQ
ALAB Fairhope 660 WWFF from WDLT
ALAB Gadsden 1350 WJBY from WGAD
ALAB Jasper 1240 WZTQ from WLYJ
ALAB Rainbow C. 930 WGAD from WJBY
DIST Washington 1500 WWWT from WTWP
GEOR Elberton 1400 WSGC from WNGA
HAWA Hilo 1590 KILE from KIXC
HAWA Honolulu 690 KHNR from KHCM
HAWA Honolulu 880 KHCM from KHNR
KENT Williamsbg 1440 WCWC from WEZJ
MARY Frederick 820 WWWB from WTWT
MINN Moorhead 1280 KVXR from KVOX
MINN Watertown 1600 KPNP from KZGX
NEWH Manchester 1250 WGAM from WKBR
NEWH Nashua 900 WGHM from WGAM
NEWH Newport 1010 WCNL from WNTK
NEWY Cortland 920 WYBY from WKRT
NEWY Rensselaer 1300 WTMM from WEEV
NORTHD Fargo 740 KVOX from KKAG
TENN Huntingdon 1530 WWDX from WDAP
TEXA Midland 1150 KVDG from KJBC
TEXA San Saba 1410 KNVR from KBAL
TEXA Wink 1480 KNIW (new station)
VIRG Quantico 920 WURA (new station)
VIRG Warrenton 1250 WKDL from WPRZ
WASH Anacortes 1340 KWLE briefly changed calls to KWLE but changed back
WYOM Jackson 1490 KJNT (new station)

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