Thursday, October 11, 2007

DX Test: Illinois

As always, more info on DX

WLPO-1220 La Salle, IL DX Test

Saturday morning, October 27th, 3-3:30am CT (0800-0830 UTC)
This is probably better known as late Friday night.

Reports may be emailed to steve[at]; if you send a recording, use .mp3 or .wav.

Via postal mail:
Steve Vogler, Chief Engineer,
WLPO Radio,
1 Broadcast Lane,
Oglesby, IL 61348

Include return postage.

ALSO... a special request from DX Test Coordinator Jim Pogue...

The La Salle News Tribune is writing an article about this DX Test. They want to know ASAP after the test how many people heard it and at what distance.

Jim writes:
"As soon as possible after the test, I’m asking everyone who hears it to send me an e-mail. In addition to telling me that you heard the test, I’d also invite your “non-technical” comments about the test as well. Most readers don’t care about weird tones and Morse code, but if you are thrilled to hear the sound of an announcer’s voice from far away north-central Illinois, that kind of comment is something average readers can understand."

If you hear the WLPO test, please email the details to kh2ar comcast net. (insert @ and . in the appropriate places. Da*n spam criminals.)

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