Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DX Tests

(as always, visit DX for more information)

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin: 940kHz
WFAW will test from midnight to 3am Central Time on November 12th. This is late Sunday night into Monday morning.

Reports to:
Ernie Swanson K9LO
Chief Engineer
WFAW Radio
P.O. Box 94
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0094

Include a SASE. CD recordings of the test may be sent.

Thanks to Ernie and Jim Pogue for arranging this test!

The WIRL-1290 (Peoria, Illinois) test was well heard. Unfortunately I was very short on sleep that night so couldn't stay up long enough to try live, and with storms pending I didn't dare leave the gear set up for unattended recording.

Finally, the Joint IRCA/NRC Broadcast Test Committee (the fine folks who do the work to bring you these DX Tests) have begun the "BTC Podcast". You can subscribe or download individual podcasts. The BTC Podcast will be regularly updated with new DX Test information.

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