Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Major AM station changes

Lawrenceville, Georgia: 990KHz:
WISK files amendment to major change application.

Amendment moves tower a few miles, reduces day power from 1,000 watts to 950, and adds 25 watts night power. New coordinates 33-57-27N/84-00-17W.

Application is to move from 1390KHz in Americus, over 100 miles to the south.

Huntington, West Virginia: 1200kHz:
WEMM files amendment to major change application.
(to move from 1470kHz)

Amendment specifies 8,000 watts critical hours, from sunrise to 2 hours later and from two hours before sunset to sunet. Application calls for 22,000 watts daytime, 9 watts night, non-directional.

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