Thursday, January 31, 2008

AM station applications reinstated

Fifteen applications for new AM stations in Alaska and Hawaii have been reinstated, after being previously dismissed by the FCC. All stations are 1,000 watts day & night, non-directional, unless otherwise noted.

Chugiak 1200kHz (50,000 day/30,000 night)
Fairbanks 1340kHz
Hope 1360kHz (10,000 watts)
Juneau 1210kHz (amended from 1190)
Juneau 1400kHz
Ketchikan 1260kHz (amended from 1250)
Kotzebue 1260kHz (700 watts. Amended from 1,000 watts on 1230.)
Petersburg 1270kHz
Tyonek 1360kHz (10,000 watts)
Whittier 1400kHz
Willow 1250kHz (50,000 day/39,000 night)

Keahou 1300kHz (5,000 watts. Amended from 1280kHz with 660 watts; city spelling changed from Keauhou)
Paukaa 1400kHz (2,500 watts)
Waihee 1300kHz (10,000 watts)
Wailuku 1300kHz (16,000 watts)

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