Saturday, March 29, 2008

New FM stations in Alberta

26 applications have been filed for new FM stations in Alberta.

This includes:

3 applications for 99.5 and 102.7 in Drumheller
8 applications for 90.5 and 100.7 in Red Deer (plus one for CJUV-94.1 in Lacombe to move to the CBC tower in Red Deer)
13 applications for 95.7, 98.5, 102.3, 107.1, and 107.3 in Edmonton (of course the 107.1 and 107.3 applications are mutually-exclusive) (plus one application for 102.3 in Leduc which is mutually-exclusive with the Edmonton apps)
One application for a Fort McMurray relayer of one of the Edmonton stations

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

AM call changes

All changes are initial callsign assignments to new stations unless otherwise noted.

Jasper, Ala. 1240 WJLX from WZTQ
Eureka, Calif. 1400 KIHH
Fresno, California 1680 KGED from KAVT
Lancaster, Calif. 1380 KOSS from KWJL
Del Norte, Colo. 1490 KHRJ
Eads, Colo. 1450 KEHT
Cross City, Fla. 1240 WMJQ from WYNY
Liberal, Kans. 1470 KSMM from KYUU
Monroe, La. 540 KMLB from KNOE
Brunswick, Me. 900 WWBK from WJJB
Brooklyn Park, Mn. 1470 KMNQ from KRJJ
St. Louis, Mo. 1430 KZQZ from WIL
Flemington, N.J. 1040 WNJE from WCHR
Trenton, N.J. 920 WCHR from WNJE
Ontario, N.Y. 1330 WQCD from WMJQ (was briefly WYNY)
Rensselaer, N.Y. 1300 WGDJ from WTMM
Ashland, Oregon 580 KGAY from KTMT
Eugene, Oregon 1600 KOPB from KOPT
Milwaukie, Oregon 1010 KOOR from KMUZ
Providence, R.I. 790 WPRV from WSKO
Belton, S.C. 1390 WROP from WLUA
Florence, S.C. 1230 WOLH from WOLS
Greenville, S.C. 1260 WPJF from WMUU
Nashville, Tenn. 880 WMDB from WNSG
Big Spring, Texas 730 KBQX
Comstock, Texas 1450 KOAH
Langtry, Texas 1400 KHTW
Marathon, Texas 1470 KHRX
Midland, Texas 1150 KLPF from KVDG
Presidio, Texas 1230 KHUA
Richfield, Utah 1490 KYHR
Moneta, Virginia 880 WSLK from WCQV
Jackson, Wis. 540 WAUK from WRRD
Waukesha, Wis. 1510 WRRD from WAUK

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

AM station major changes: one granted, one denied

Chalmette, Louisiana: 1100kHz:
WOMN granted move from 1110kHz in Franklinton.
Power to increase to 50,000 watts daytime, 250 watts nighttime, 20,000 watts critical hours.
Three different patterns. (DA-3)

Bandera, Texas: 1250kHz:
KZDC denied move from San Antonio, at request of applicant.
Power would have increased to 35,000 watts daytime.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

CBA-1070 permanent disappearance iminent

Joe Miller in Michigan has received word that CBA-1070's last night on the air will be April 6th. The AM transmitter is to be silenced shortly after 1130 UTC on the morning of the 7th. It's being replaced by a new FM transmitter on 106.1.

CBA was the last AM station in Moncton. It's also one of a vanishing list of CBC AM stations in the Maritimes. After CBA goes off there will be six CBC AM's left in the Maritimes:

New Brunswick: CBGA-1 540 Grande-Anse (Radio-Canada, the French network)
Four 40-watt low-power relays, two French, two English

Nova Scotia: CBI 1140 Sydney. They already have their FM permit (97.1) and will be gone within the year.

Prince Edward Island: None. There are no AM stations left on P.E.I., except for two 20-watt travelers' information stations at PEI National Park.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New AM station

Many Farms, Arizona: 1260kHz:
Permit granted for new station
1,000 watts daytime
250 watts nighttime
directional, different patterns day & night

Many Farms is in the Navajo Nation in northeastern Arizona.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New AM station granted

Silver City, New Mexico: 1340kHz:
Permit granted for new station:
1,000 watts daytime, 850 watts night, non-directional.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FCC rules "dead air" doesn't require station ID

The FCC today ruled that stations broadcasting "dead air" - with the transmitter on but "nobody talking" - are not required to run station identification announcements.

The decision involves WMCU-89.7 (now WKCP) in Miami. For many years WMCU was a religious station. Last fall, WMCU's owners decided to sell the station to American Public Media; the latter group flipped WMCU to a classical-music outlet. (replacing commercial station WTMI-93.1 which had switched to dance music, then rock, a few years back) Fans of the Christian music on WMCU filed objections to the sale of the station.

The relevant objection involved FCC regulation 73.1201, which requires stations to identify themselves with call letters and city-of-license once an hour. The complaints stated that for three weeks last October, (before Public Media acquired it) WMCU broadcast "dead air" - silence - with no identification announcements - in violation of 73.1201.

The station admitted to the broadcasts. However, they argued that the station was silent - was not on the air - and that nothing in the regulations required a silent station to identify itself.

Usually, the term "silent" has meant the station is off the air entirely - the transmitter is turned off, no signal at all is being broadcast. WMCU argues otherwise - that if no program is being broadcast, the station is silent.

The FCC bought it. They agreed that WMCU was officially off the air (even though the carrier was still being transmitted at 100,000 watts - for the purpose of carrying a subcarrier signal) and thus didn't need to ID.


Original FCC document:

AM station deleted

Monroe, Louisiana: 1440kHz:
KMLB license surrendered for cancellation.
Licensee acquired KNOE-540 in the same city. The additional acquisition would have put them over the multiple-ownership limits. The FCC granted the purchase of KNOE only on the condition the KMLB license be surrendered; that has now happened.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

New AM station granted

Waterville, Washington: 1450kHz:
Permit granted for new station.
1,000 watts daytime
500 watts nighttime
non-directional all hours
Waterville is about 20 miles northeast of Wenatchee.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

New AM station granted

Wilton, Minnesota: 820kHz:
Permit granted for new station.
15,000 watts daytime
750 watts nighttime
Directional, different patterns day & night.