Tuesday, April 01, 2008

CBA-1070 last-minute DX test?

DX Test Coordinator Jim Pogue reports Saul Chernos may be able to arrange a last-minute DX Test from CBA-1070 Moncton, New Brunswick.

As you read here, CBA's last night on the air is next Sunday, April 6th; they will leave the air for good at 7am ADT (6am Eastern, 5am Central) on Monday, the 7th.

CBA is 50,000 watts ND - non directional day & night - so they won't be testing at increased night power. But if Saul's lucky we'll get special, easier-to-identify, programming.

After CBA goes off, there will be only six AM stations of more than 40 watts left in New Brunswick. CBA is by far your best last chance at a N.B. logging.

Keep checking here, or on DX Tests.info.


Doug Smith said...

Saul reports success in arranging this test. It will indeed be at midnight Eastern time Sunday night/Monday morning. No further details are available - you're going to have to listen to 1070 AM to get them!

Doug Smith said...

CBC New Brunswick has posted photos of the CBA transmitter and of former morning host Brent Taylor (with the help of current host Vanessa Blanch and station technician Jean Babineau) turning the transmitter off.

Also on the CBC site is the audio of the AM shutdown.

Here's hoping some of you heard it. I'm afraid I didn't.