Tuesday, May 27, 2008

AM station deleted

Shamokin, Pennsylvania
WISL-1480 has been deleted.

New AM stations

Keystone, Colorado: 1320kHz:
Permit granted for new station.
(Advanced Modulation Broadcasting)
1,000 watts daytime
500 watts nighttime
DA-2 (different directional patterns day & night)
which is in the Rockies not too far from Vail.

Wendell, Idaho: 1340kHz:
Permit granted for new station.
(IHR Educational Broadcasting)
250 watts fulltime, non-directional
Wendell is near Twin Falls.

Manor, Texas: 1120kHz:
Permit granted for new station.
(JNE Investments)
250 watts daytime
153 watts nighttime
DA-2 (different directional patterns day & night)
Manor is somewhere near Temple.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New AM station

Gloverville, South Carolina: 1300kHz:
Permit granted for new station.
2,500 watts daytime
820 watts nighttime
directional, different patterns day & night

Saturday, May 17, 2008

AM call letter changes

The following AM stations have changed call letters recently:

Eagle River, Alas. 1020 KABA from KAXX
Wasilla, Alas. 1430 KMBQ (new station)
Fort Smith, Ark. 1320 KWHN from KYHN
Fort Smith, Ark. 1650 KYHN from KWHN
Sacramento, Cal. 1240 KRJY from KSAC
Santa Paula, Cal. 1400 KKZZ from KUNX
Ventura, Cal. 1590 KUNX from KKZZ
Pueblo, Colo. 1350 KDZA from KGHF
Ewa Beach, Haw. 1320 KEWA (new station)
Cocoa Beach, Fl. 1300 WMEL from WTIR
Melbourne, Fl. 920 WDMC from WMEL
Winter Garden, Fl. 1680 WOKB from WLAA
Winter Garden, Fl. 1600 WLAA from WOKB
Meridian, Idaho 890 KXSL from KDJQ
Westbrook, Me. 1440 WJJB from WJAE
Petoskey, Mich. 750 WARD from WLDR
Austin, Minn. 970 KQAQ from KNFX
Dilworth, Minn. 1100 KKFL from WZFN
Little Falls, N.Y. 1120 WKAJ (new station)
Johnstown, Penna. 850 WKGE from WNTJ
Milford, Penna. 1450 WQCD (new station)
York, S.C. 980 WULR from WBZK
Ashland City, Tenn. 790 WLNU from WQSV
Moneta, Va. 880 WSLK from WCQV
Grafton, W. Va. 1260 WVUS from WTBZ
Big Horn, Wyo. 1370 KHNY (new station)

New AM station

Bon Air, Virginia: 1200kHz:
Permit granted to Hill & Glover Broadcasting for new station.
50,000 watts daytime
10,000 watts nighttime
directional, different patterns day & night.
Towers at 37-33-24N/77-41-50W.

Jolivue, Virginia: 1490kHz:
Application for new station dismissed.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

NC analog TV stations to go dark early

Broadcasting and Cable Magazine is reporting that Wilmington, North Carolina will be a test market for the digital TV transition. Mayor William Saffo told the magazine the city's network-affiliated TV stations will shut down their analog signals on September 8th and go digital only.

Presumably the FCC and stations hope to learn how well the digital conversion message is really getting out and whether there are any surprises that will have to be worked out before the rest of the country switches next February.

Earlier it had been reported that Fort Myers, Florida was also being considered for a similar test. To my knowledge that market has decided not to participate. However, there may be other test markets announced.

There are six TV stations in Wilmington:

  • 3: WWAY (DTV channel 46, ABC)

  • 6: WECT (DTV channel 44, NBC)

  • 10: WILM-LP (DTV channel 40, CBS)*

  • 26: WSFX (DTV channel 30, Fox)

  • 39: WUNJ (DTV channel 29, PBS)

  • 51: W51CW (DTV channel 51, TBN)*

* These are LPTV stations that do not automatically receive a digital facility. However, both stations do have permits for digital operation. W51CW's DTV permit is for the same channel as their analog, they cannot run both at the same time.

Other articles on this subject suggest WUNJ and W51CW are not part of this test and may continue to operate analog signals after September.

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