Thursday, July 17, 2008

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed calls recently:

Alexander City, Ala. 1050 WBNM from WRFS
Anniston, Ala. 1490 WSYA from WANA
Irondale, Ala. 1480 WQOH from WRLM
Seward, Alas. 950 KSEW from KSWD
Palo Alto, Cal. 1220 KDOW from KNTS
Colorado Springs 1300 KCSF from KKML
Smithville, Ga. 1230 WUCN (new station)
Elkhart, Ind. 1270 WCMR from WFRN
New Albany, Ind. 1570 WNDA from WWSZ
South Bend, Ind. 1620 WPNT from WWLV
Georgetown, Ky. 1580 WGVN from WXRA
Stanford, Ky. 1520 WKFO from WRSL
Pocomoke City, Md. 1070 WCRW from WBEY
Austin, Minn. 970 KQAQ from KNFX
Dilworth, Minn. 1100 WZFG from WZFN
Wilton, Minn. 820 WBKK (new station)
Brandon, Miss. 970 WJFN from WZQK
Neosho, Mo. 1420 KBTN from KQYS
Newton, N.J. 1360 WTOC from WNNJ
Rochester, N.Y. 990 WRCI from WLGZ
Spring Lake, N.C. 1450 WFBX from WCIE
Rossford, Ohio 1520 WNWT from WDMN
Roseburg, Ore. 1490 KSKR from KRNR
Johnstown, Pa. 850 WNTJ from WPRR
Walhalla, S.C. 1000 WJTP from WWOF
Rockwood, Tenn. 580 WYHM from WOFE
Manor, Tex. 1120 KTXW from KRAU
Seattle, Wash. 1680 KNTS from KDOW
Dunbar, W. Va. 1450 WLUX (new station)

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