Saturday, July 19, 2008

AM changes granted

Piedmont, California: 1510KHz:
KPIG granted nighttime power increase
from 230 watts to 2,400.
Requires KGA make the change below:

Spokane, Washington: 1510KHz:
KGA granted nighttime power decrease
from 50,000 watts to 15,000.
Necessary for co-owned KPIG to upgrade.


satmancanada said...

They won't be getting into Johnson Island anymore....
Grady Saunders KGA's colorful owner in the late 60's would roll over in his grave. What a disgrace reducing power.
When they were rocking they used to have a SuperPower jingle...

My basic reading of this is that they reduced power to give another station under their ownership better nighttime coverage. What about the people who depended on KGA flamethrower signal at night. The Commission seems to breaking a lot of dangerous ground here..

Anonymous said...

The FCC broke down the Clear Channels 24 years ago. I used to love night time AM DXing. That's gone now.
Next DXing to be lost will be low band TVs.

Doug Smith said...

It's not new ground... as the same thing happened to WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana a few years ago:

- Owners of WLIB-1190 New York City, a limited-time* station, want permission to operate at night.

- They buy WOWO, which operates on the same frequency.

- They modify WOWO's license, reducing night power from 50kw to 9.8kw and changing the station from Class A to Class B.

- This means WOWO's nighttime skywave coverage is no longer protected from interference. (only Class A stations have skywave protection)

- They can now file to give WLIB 30kw of night power.

- Once all the licenses-to-cover are approved, they sell WOWO.

(it should be noted the move also gave several other stations on 1190 the ability to add or increase night power. I count three stations with open permits to add night power on 1190, and at least one more has already implemented a nighttime facility.

KSPA in Southern California has already filed for a power increase that will be made possible by KGA's conversion to Class B status.)


It's a different company involved with KGA & KPIG but exactly the same idea.

* "limited-time", the station can operate from NYC sunrise until Fort Wayne sunset.