Saturday, July 26, 2008

New AM stations (on Guam)

Agana, Guam: 1017KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
4,000 watts fulltime, non-directional.

In a new-station application, the applicant is required to demonstrate they comply with regulations limiting how many stations a single owner may control in a given market. This application contains this interesting answer:

"Neither Powell Meredith nor any individual or entity having an attributable interest in the applicant has an interest of any kind in any other station or application in the Agana, Guam market other than the pending AM application herein, much less anything else in the Eastern Hemisphere. Therefore, Powell Meredith complies with the Commission's multiple ownership rules."

Agana, Guam:1170KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
250 watts fulltime, non-directional

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