Saturday, November 15, 2008

AM callsign changes

The following stations have changed callsigns recently:

AL Carrollton 590 WREN from WRAG
AR Hot Springs 590 KZHS from KPZA
CA Santa Barbara 1340 KCLU from KIST
CA Santa Barbara 1490 KIST from KBKO
CO Loveland 1570 KPIO from KSXT
FL Kendall 1020 WURN from WRHB
FL Palm Springs 1500 WVAA new station
GA Ochlocknee 1020 WSBX from WJEP
MD Baltimore 1300 WJZ from WJFK
MD Morningside 1580 WHFS from WPGC
MN St. Peter 1310 KGLB from KRBI
MS Jackson 1400 WJQS from WKXI
NC Jacksonville 1400 WSTK from WJQQ
SC Walhalla 1000 WJTP from WWOF
TN Powell 1040 WKTI from WQBB
TX New Boston 1530 KLBW from KNBO

On FM, the FCC has assigned KCBE to a new station on Long Island.


Anonymous said...

Is this new station East of the Mississippi? If so, what's with the "K" call sign? Did they run out of four letter "W"s?

Doug Smith said...

Yep, it's east...

Usually this happens when the FCC makes a clerical mistake. Rumor has it two previous eastern K calls (KTGG in Michigan and KBUD in Mississippi) happened when FCC clerks thought "MI" and "MS" were abbreviations for Missouri.

That's hard to explain in this case - I fail to see how "NY" could be mistaken for the abbreviation for any Western state! I wonder if the station requested KCBE & it never dawned on the clerk they shouldn't get it?

(they couldn't get WCBE as it already belongs to the FM station of the Columbus (Ohio) Board of Education)


A couple of years ago, the FCC proposed to drop the K/W rule and allow both K and W calls nationwide. Surprisingly, the industry opposed the move and the Commission promptly dropped it.