Saturday, November 15, 2008

AM stations going away in Canada

High Prairie, Alberta: 1020KHz:
CKVH requests move to FM.
93.5, 25,000 watts, antenna at 66 metres.

St. Paul, Alberta: 1310KHz:
CHLW requests move to FM.
97.7, 36,000 watts, antenna at 123 metres.

Windsor, Ontario: 1550KHz:
CBE requests move to FM.
97.5, 19,000 watts, antenna at 130 metres.
This move would involve a second FM transmitter, in Leamington, on 91.5.
It would also replace the permit for a "nested" FM relay on 102.3. The 97.5 facility (when used with 91.5 Leamington) would provide enough coverage to make the AM transmitter unnecessary.

If granted, there would be no CBC AM stations left between Newfoundland and Winnipeg.

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