Thursday, November 06, 2008

Major change; station to be deleted

Leesburg, Virginia:1190KHz:
WAGE is moving from 1200KHz.
50,000 watts daytime, directional, 39-02-28N/77-26-42W.

The station has indicated they will soon file a second application for 3,000 watts nighttime, also directional, from their existing site at 39-07-25N/77-37-31W.

To accomodate this move, WBIS-1190 Annapolis, Maryland has agreed to surrender their license for cancellation under an "Interference Reduction Agreement". WAGE's move is conditioned on WBIS's license being surrendered. The move will also reduce interference between WBIS and station WFYL-1180, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. (which, ironically, is a much newer station than WBIS...)

Birach Broadcasting filed an objection to the move, charging that WAGE's ownership interfered in the attempt of Birach's WDMV-540 to get zoning permission to build four towers in Damascus, Maryland.

Read the FCC decision:

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