Monday, June 29, 2009

FCC to accept new LPTV applciations

The FCC has announced a filing window for new digital LPTV stations and major changes to existing LPTV stations. (including changes to analog LPTVs)

On August 25, a window will open for rural LPTVs. "Rural" is defined as places 121km or more from the central cities in the 100 largest Nielsen television markets. The smallest city on the list is Charleston, South Carolina.

On January 25, 2010, another window will open without geographic restriction.

Applications for new analog LPTV stations will not be accepted in either window. However, existing analog LPTVs may apply for major changes.

The Public Notice doesn't say how long the windows will be open.

FCC "regularizes" rules for FM translators of AM stations

The FCC has released regular rules for the use of FM translators by AM stations.

Existing FM translators -- those either on the air or holding construction permits as of May 1st -- will be allowed to relay AM stations. Applicants for new translators must specify which station they plan to relay, and applications that specify AM stations will be dismissed. Existing translators must notify the FCC when they change which station they relay; if a translator authorized after May 1st notifies the FCC of intent to relay an AM station, they will be denied permission. The FCC indicates they may relax this policy after the next LPFM filing window is complete.

The 60dBu service area of such translators must be contained entirely within 25 miles of the AM towers or the 2mV/m daytime service area of the AM station, whichever is smaller. The 60dBu service area of a typical 50-watt translator (assuming an antenna 30m high) is a bit less than 5km, about 3 miles.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New AM station granted

Steamboat Spring, Colorado: 1340KHz:
Application reinstated and granted for new station.
1,000 watts day & night, non-directional.

Spelling is as in the FCC Public Notice. It really should be "Steamboat Springs".

More AM call changes

The following AM stations have recently changed callsigns:

Eagle River, Alaska 1020 KOAN from KABA
Florence, Kentucky 1160 WQRT from WDJO
Newport, Maine 1230 WGUY for new station
Silver Spring, Maryland 1050 WZAA from WTOP
Cincinnati, Ohio 1480 WDJO from WCIN
Charleston, S. Carolina 1390 WSPO from WXTC
Quanah, Texas 1150 KOLJ from KREL

Monday, June 22, 2009

AM major change granted

Goodlettsville, Tennessee: 830KHz:
WQZQ-1550 granted move from Clarksville.
Power to be 2,000 watts daytime only.
Will use one of WPLN-1430's towers at 36-16-22N/86-42-57W.
Goodlettsville is a Nashville suburb.

New AM station (not)

Toronto, Ontario: 1480KHz:
Application for new station withdrawn.
Would have been 1,000 watts daytime, 500 watts night, religious.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AM call changes

Dover, Delaware 1600 WDPZ from WXXY
Clayton, Georgia 1400 WGHC from WNGA
Swainsboro, Georgia 1590 WXRS from WRJS
Waycross, Georgia 1230 WAYX from WWGA
Hilo, Hawaii 1060 KIPA from KHBC
South Bend, Indiana 1490 WPNT from WDND
South Bend, Indiana 1620 WDND from WPNT
Brunswick, Maine 900 WCME from WWBK
Richmond, Maine 1120 WZME for new station
Whitehall, Michigan 1490 WKLQ from WODJ
Sparks, Nevada 1060 KFOY for new station
Asbury Park, New Jersey 1310 WADB from WBUD
Albuquerque, New Mex. 1550 KIVA from KQNM
Milan, New Mexico 1100 KQNM from KIVA
Mount Holly, N.C. 870 WTCG from WGHC
Lima, Ohio 940 WCIT from WZOQ
Salem, Ore. 1390 KWOD from KVXX
Tunkhannock, Penna. 1460 WGMF from WEMR
Memphis, Tennessee 680 WMFS from WSMB
Kilgore, Texas 1240 KDOK from KBGE

Friday, June 12, 2009

New AM station and not

Star, Idaho: 1590KHz:
Application dismissed for new station.
Mutually exclusive with Nevada application below.

Paradise, Nevada: 1590KHz
Permit granted for new station.
6,500 watts daytime
1,000 watts nighttime
Directional at night only

Paradise is a Las Vegas suburb.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

AM station gone

Umatilla, Oregon: 1090KHz:
KLWJ license canceled and call letters deleted.

AM power increase proposed

Toronto, Ontario: 1690KHz:
CHTO requests daytime power increase
from 1,000 watts to 3,000. Nighttime power to remain 1,000 watts.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Someone not really familiar with the idea...

Here's an interesting application filed with the FCC the other day...

Here's another one.

The same woman in Michigan seems to have filed to move one expired license from La Grange, Indiana to Detroit and run 300 kilowatts horizontal, 3000 kilowatts vertical (but 100/10000 kilowatts maximum?) to an antenna of unspecified height at an unspecified location.

Another expired license, she proposed to convert to an auxiliary backup transmitter for a non-existent station in Belleville, Mich. This one would run 2000kw horizontal, 10000kw vertical.

It probably won't surprise you to learn both applications have been dismissed.

Monday, June 01, 2009

New AM stations: one granted, one on the air

Middleton, Tennessee: 1580KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
300 watts daytime
250 watts nighttime
directional at night only.
on the Tennessee-Mississippi line, roughly 60 miles east of Memphis.

Spanish Valley, Utah: 1490KHz:
New station on the air.
KCPX runs 1000 watts day & night, non-directional.
Spanish Valley is a few miles south of Moab in southeastern Utah.