Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AM stations: gone, and not...

Mt. Carmel, Illinois: 1360KHz:
WVMC at least temporarily not deleted.

This blog recently reported WVMC's license was canceled at the request of the licensee.

There are now allegations the person who got the license canceled was not authorized to do so...

See the May 23rd issue of Indiana RadioWatch.

See also this letter, and this request for Special Temporary Authority to remain on the air, and this response from the FCC.

Eastland, Texas; 1590KHz:
KEAS license canceled at request of licensee.

(best I can tell this one is for real)

New AM station

La Grande, Oregon: 1030KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
1,000 watts daytime
600 watts nighttime
directional at night only.

Located in Northeastern Oregon, not too far west of Boise, Idaho.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Unusual antenna proposed in Toronto

CHHA-1610 Toronto has proposed a novel (for broadcasters) new directional antenna.

The station has been operating at 10,000 watts daytime/1,000 watts nighttime, non-directonal, using a 22.5m Valcom loaded whip antenna in downtown Toronto. Due to unexpectedly good DX conditions (excessive skywave..) CJWI Montreal, on the same frequency, has suffered interference. Industry Canada asked the station to temporarily reduce nighttime power to 250 watts - which addressed the interference but left CHHA unable to reach much of their northwest Toronto audience.

CHHA proposes a directional antenna, with a null protecting CJWI. They'll operate at a power of 6,250 watts day and night, using the directional antenna at all hours with the same pattern. At a traditional AM station, this would be accomplished by erecting two towers.

CHHA proposes to do it with only one tower -- and a "Hot Guy Wire".

The single tower will be roughly 50m high. The guy wire facing due east will be insulated from the tower, at the top, by an insulator similar to that used on high-voltage AC power lines. Another insulator will "break up" the guy wire, electrically, about 25% down from the top of the guy wire. A third insulator, an 8-inch ceramic "egg", will be used at the base of the wire. A 4.1uH inductor will be installed between the bottom of the guy wire and an earth ground.

The "floating" guy wire will serve as a second, reflecting element to the antenna system. It will "deflect" much of the power that would otherwise be radiated towards Montreal, and direct it instead to the north and south. (right into the Toronto neighborhood the station wishes to reach)

AM station frequency change granted

Pensacola, Florida: 780KHz:
WPNN granted move from 790KHz.
Power will increase to 3,000 watts daytime only, directional.
Site to 30-31-05N/87-04-55W, roughly 15mi. ENE of the old site.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

AM station move dismissed

Vega, Texas: 1600KHz:
KSHG denied permission to move from Dalhart.

New AM station application amended

Santa Maria, California: 1330KHz:
Application amended to specify 1360KHz.
Power changed to 2,000 watts day & night.
Added directional antenna, different patterns day & night.
And site moved to 34-58-52N/120-22-37W.

New AM stations granted

Mesilla, New Mexico: 670KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
1,250 watts daytime, directional
250 watts nighttime, directional, different pattern
Site adjoins Las Cruces.

Bixby, Oklahoma: 1210KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
7,500 watts daytime, directional
250 watts nighttime, directional, different pattern
7,200 watts critical hours*, directional, yet another pattern
Site is on southeast side of Tulsa.

Monday, May 17, 2010

AM station gone

Mount Carmel, Illinois: 1360KHz:
WVMC license surrendered for cancellation.

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed callsigns recently:

Robertsdale, Ala. 1000 WBZR from WNSI
Fresno, California 940 KYNO from KWRU
Fresno, California 1300 KWRU from KYNO
Apopka, Florida 1520 WBZW from WHIM
Coral Gables, Fla. 1080 WHIM from WMCU
Jacksonville, Fla. 1320 WJNJ from WBOB
Augusta, Ga. 1230 WEZO from WNRR
Springhill, La. 1460 KTKC from KBSF
Kentwood, Michigan 1140 WVHF from WJNZ
Ontario, New York 1330 WDRE from WMJQ
Toledo, Ohio 1560 WWYC from WTOD
Milford, Penna. 1450 WMJQ from WDRE
Nanticoke, Penna. 730 WZMF from WNAK*
Conway, S.C. 1050 WHSC from WIQB
Hartsville, S.C. 1450 WTOD from WHSC
Roanoke, Virginia 910 WFJX from WWWR
Charleston, W. Va. 950 WBES from WVTS
Charleston, W. Va. 1240 WVTS from WBES

* The WZMF call always gets my attention... Growing up, the WZMF tower was about a half-mile from my house, beaconing away with its red tower warning light. (and 3,000 watts of underground rock music)

The suburban house that held the station is still there. But all it holds are a bunch of two-way base stations, and backups for what ceased to be WZMF 98.3 some 30 years ago, and its sister station on 106.9.

To my knowledge those calls have made another stop, somewhere in Illinois, on the way from suburban Milwaukee to an AM station in Pennsylvania.

New AM stations granted

Middleton, Idaho: 1400KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
1,000 watts day & night, non-directional.

Site is just north of Caldwell and a few miles west of Boise.
Santa Clara, Utah: 1290KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
2,000 watts daytime
250 watts nighttime
Directional, different patterns day & night.

Site is a few miles northwest of St. George in southwest Utah.

AM station frequency/location change requested

Apache Junction, Arizona: 1260KHz:
KBSZ requests move from 1250 at Wickenburg.
Power to 3,500 watts daytime; 50 watts nighttime, non-directional.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nashville flood & radio

The recent flooding in Nashville affected a number of radio stations. At the height of the disaster, these were some of the stations off the air:

790 WQSV
810 WMGC
980 WYFN
1160 WCRT
1300 WNQM
1470 WVOL
1510 WLAC (for just a few minutes, probably power outage)
1550 WQZQ (Clarksville)

At this writing, all are back except WYFN and WQZQ.

Here's a video showing the effects of the Nashville flood on WYFN. I expect it will be some time before this station is back on the air! The video doesn't show the condition of the towers. (if they've been damaged it will take even longer)

WYFN and WQZQ are located on the Cumberland River. WQZQ probably suffered similar damage. They already have a permit to move from 1550 to 830, change the city of license to Goodlettsville, and use one of the WPLN-1430 towers. I strongly suspect the Clarksville 1550 facility will not be rebuilt.

While WSM-650's transmission facility was not damaged, their studios in the Opryland Hotel were flooded. WSM is currently using studios at the transmitter. This is likely to continue for some time.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010