Thursday, September 09, 2010

Auctions to be held for new VHF TV channels in NJ and DE

The FCC today announced that permits would be auctioned for two new commercial digital TV construction permits. One will be at Seaford, Delaware on channel 5; the other at Atlantic City, New Jersey on channel 4.

The Commission is seeking comments on details of the methodology of the auction. This is not your typical rural farm auction, where the auctioneer shouts out a price a bit higher than the last bid & if nobody is willing to pay it, the auction ends. To be honest, I don't understand most of what they're talking about in this document

As you may remember, this auction was triggered by PMCM's petition to move stations from Wyoming and Nevada to northern New Jersey (the station would transmit from New York City on channel 3) and to Wilmington, Delaware. (the station would transmit from Philadelphia on channel 2) PMCM argues that an Act of Congress requires the FCC to grant the moves.

The Commission disagrees that it's required to allow the PMCM stations to move, but agrees that the Act requires VHF channels be allotted in every state. Delaware and New Jersey are the only states lacking such channels.

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