Friday, October 01, 2010

AM station license cancelled, or maybe not

Bristol, Connecticut: 1120KHz:
WPRX license cancelled

Two commercial FM licenses were also canceled today. I cannot remember the last time I've heard of a commercial FM licensee going out of business permanently. I strongly suspect these are administrative issues -- botched renewals. The stations believe they have valid licenses but the FCC believes they have expired.

AM DXers advise WPRX is in fact still on the air.


Laurence Glavin said...

Also deleted were two non-comms: WNMH, the Northfield/Mount Hermon MA station at 91.5 and WQTQ 89.9 in Hartford, CT...or were they?

Doug Smith said...

DXer Paul Walker reported on the WTFDA-AM mailing list that the engineer for a number of Connecticut stations indeed believes this is a administrative issue. (both at WPRX and the FM stations)

In other words these do indeed appear to be botched renewals. Whether they were botched by the stations or the FCC, I don't know.