Monday, November 22, 2010

AM call changes

The following AM stations have recently changed callsigns:

Robertsdale, Alabama 1000 WBZR from WNSI
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1280 WMXB from WWPG
Black Canyon C., Ariz. 710 KBMB from KMIA
Jackson, California 1340 KVGC new station
Piedmont, California 1510 KSFN from KPIG
Riverside, California 1440 KFNY from KDIF
Santa Barbara, Calif. 1490 KSPE from KIST
Susanville, California 1490 KLZN new station
Colorado Springs, Colo. 1580 KREL from KKKK
Atlantic Beach, Florida 1600 WZNZ from WQOP
Fort Myers, Florida 1240 WFSX from WINK
Jacksonville, Florida 1320 WJNJ from WBOB
Jacksonville, Florida 1460 WQOP from WZNZ
Milton, Florida 1490 WTKE from WECM
Pine Island Cen., Fla. 1200 WINK from WPTK
Riviera Beach, Florida 1600 WHTY from WMNE
Augusta, Georgia 1230 WEZO from WNRR
Augusta, Georgia 1340 WYNF from WSGF
Columbus, Georgia 1580 WIOL from WEAM
Honolulu, Hawaii 990 KIKI from KHBZ
Wichita, Kansas 1070 KLIO from KFTI
Silver Spring, Md. 1050 WBQH from WTOP
Iron River, Michigan 1230 WFER from WIKB
Bay St. Louis, Miss. 1190 WMEJ from WJZD
Billings, Montana 730 KYYA from KURL
Raleigh, N. Carolina 570 WQDR from WDOX
Toledo, Ohio 1560 WWYC from WTOD
Bixby, Oklahoma 1210 KBXO new station
Ashland, Oregon 580 KTMT from KGAY
Burns, Oregon 1230 KBNH from KZZR
Mount Angel, Oregon 1130 KPWX from KTRP
Portland, Oregon 970 KXFD from KCMD
Tillamook, Oregon 1590 KTIL from KMBD
Corry, Pennsylvania 1370 WHYP from WWCB
Nanticoke, Pennsylvania 730 WZMF from WNAK
Conway, South Carolina 1050 WHSC from WIQB
Hartsville, S. Carolina 1450 WTOD from WHSC
North Augusta, S. Car. 1380 WNRR from WYNF (was briefly WSGF)
Sioux Falls, S. Dakota 1520 KZOY from KSQB
Mexia, Texas 1590 KLRK from KRQX
Vernal, Utah 1400 KRAM new station
Randolph, Vermont 1320 WCVR from WTSJ
Claremont, Virginia 670 WRJR from WPMH
Portsmouth, Virginia 1010 WPMH from WRJR
Roanoke, Virginia 910 WFJX from WWWR
Vancouver, Washington 910 KKSN from KTRO
Park Falls, Wisconsin 980 WPFP from WNBI
Garapan, Saipan 1440 KKMP new station
Charlotte Amalie, USVI 1690 WIGT new station

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