Friday, December 03, 2010

AM station major change requested

Jeffersontown, Kentucky: 1200KHz:
WGRK requests move from 1540 Greensburg.
Power from 1,000 watts daytime only (500 watts critical hours)
Site from 37-15-34N/85-30-57W


5,000 watts daytime only (2500 watts critical hours)
38-18-58N/85-42-13, but critical hours 38-11-04/85-29-57.

This is a move of 119km (74 miles) (for the main site) into the Louisville metropolitan area.
The critical hours and daytime sites are 23km (14 miles) apart.

If granted this would be the only station I know of to use different sites daytime and critical hours.


Doug Smith said...

After a heads-up from Scott Fybush and a re-read of the application, I think there's a problem with the CDBS database on this application.

The station does indeed request permission to move to a Louisville suburb and change frequency to 1200KHz. However, the application itself (not the CDBS database) lists the powers as 3,500 watts daytime, 3,000 critical hours, and with only one site.

This appears to be an amended application. My guess is the CDBS is linking the original application for the daytime facility with the amended application for the critical hours facility.

Anyway, the correct figures are probably 3,500 watts ND-D, 3,000 watts ND critical hours, all at the coordinates specified for the critical hours operation in the original post.

Doug Smith said...

This application has been granted.