Monday, January 24, 2011

AM station moved to new location & frequency

Daphne, Alabama: 540KHz:
WASG moved from 550 Atmore.
Power from 10,000 watts to 2,500 daytime, from 143 to 19 at night. Station remains non-directional.
Site moves to 30-44-44N/88-50-40W, closer to Mobile.

Due to the lower interference level on 540 and the site closer to population concentrations, WASG probably reaches more people on the new facility despite the lower power.


Pete Miller said...

It's a shame the nighttime power is so low, or it'd be a great DX catch on 540 kHz.

Doug Smith said...

Well, actually it'll be a better catch if you actually do log it with the lower power(grin)!

Seriously I think it may be more or less a wash. The reduced power will make it more difficult, but the less-crowded frequency will make it easier.

I'd be trying around sunset, when (at least until the spring equinox) sunrise in South Alabama will be earlier than sunrise in Connecticut, and WASG will be on 2,500-watt day power before your closer-in stations are allowed to switch.