Friday, January 28, 2011

Canadian FM station going away (maybe)

In a decision today, the Canadian Radio-television and Communications Commission announced the licence of CKLN-88.1 Toronto has been revoked. The Commission cited questions of who controlled the station, which was apparently involved in a tug-of-war between two boards. They were locked out of their studios & transmitter room for several months, during which period the transmitter continuously broadcast a loop of programming hastily switched to air before the lockout.

The loss of licence is to be effective February 12th.

One Commissioner (and outside observers) believe the "death penalty" is somewhat extreme given the circumstances. There's a pretty good chance this revocation will be challenged.

(even if it isn't, or if the challenge fails, I'd be surprised if an FM frequency remains idle in Canada's largest city for long.)


Greg said...

Wow, that's bad news. I often listen to CKLN in the morning when getting ready for work because they have some awesomely good Jazz music programs on then. I hope they can get the decision reversed.

Doug Smith said...

Yep, I hate to see community stations go under anywhere. We've recently developed a *new* one here in Nashville - something one might actually want to listen to..

I'm obviously way outside the Toronto market but I think it's far too early to presume CKLN is actually going away.