Friday, January 28, 2011

IBOC costs station sports contract?

An article in Radio & Television Business Report suggests WDFN-1130 Detroit may have lost their contract to carry the Detroit Pistons basketball games due to interference from IBOC. The article blames KMOX-1120 and WRVA-1140.

The Pistons' Director of Broadcasting confirmed to RBR that coverage issues -- "...a weak signal..." was the reason for the change -- he wasn't sure whether IBOC/HD Radio was involved or not.

The games ended up on WXYT-1270/97.1, a station owned by a different company. (WDFN is a Clear Channel station; WXYT belongs to CBS)


Anonymous said...

The AM radio engineers just can't figure out that IBOC on AM is REALLY bad for the stations next to them. [ but then again..they don't care].
FCC should step in and STOP all AM IBOC, especially at night!

Doug Smith said...

I think the engineers are fully aware of what's up. Unfortunately:

- Some believe the interference only happens in areas outside the service areas of the stations interfered with.
- The decision to install IBOC is not made at the local station level. It's made by Corporate HQ. I suppose the local engineer can refuse to do it, but only if (s)he's independently wealthy & doesn't have to worry about not having a job...

There is IMHO zero chance the FCC will forcibly stop AM-IBOC, even at night.

However, I also think the problem will gradually solve itself. We're seeing considerable attrition. Clear Channel's AM station here in Nashville has silently dropped their IBOC -- it's been gone for months & shows no sign of returning. They're not the only station to silently drop it.