Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed callsigns recently:

RHOD Pawtucket 550 WBZS CC from WDDZ
CONN Ridgefield 850 WAXB CC from WREF
ALAB Rainbow City 930 WJBY CC from WGAD
CALI Fresno 940 KYNO CC from KWRU
ALAB Birmingham 960 WVVB CC from WERC
_PUER Quebradillas 960 WDNO CC from WCHQ
CALI Elk Grove 1030 KEGC CC for NS
WEST Beckley 1070 WBKW CC from WIWS
OREG Portland 1150 KXET CC from KLPM
NORTHC Carolina Beach 1180 WSFM CC from WUIN
NORTHC Carolina Beach 1180 WUIN CC from WMYT
MARY Annapolis 1190 WCRW CC from WBIS
MISSI Bay St. Louis 1190 WMEJ CC from WJZD
MASS Newton 1200 WXKS CC from WKOX
PENN Pittsburgh 1250 WDDZ CC from WEAE
NEVA Henderson 1280 KQLL CC from KDOX
UTAH Santa Clara 1290 KNFC CC for NS
CALI Fresno 1300 KWRU CC from KYNO
IDAH Wendell 1340 KTFI CC from KXSL
ALAB Gadsden 1350 WGAD CC from WJBY
GEOR Alma 1400 WAWO CC from WAJQ
GEOR Toccoa 1420 WLET CC from WVNG
MASS Everett 1430 WKOX CC from WXKS
KENT Neon 1480 WIZD CC from WGCK
WASH Vancouver 1550 KKOV CC from KKAD
OHIO Warren 1570 WHTX CC from WANR
MINN East Grand Forks 1590 KGFK CC from KCNN

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Laurence Glavin said...

"Recently"? The switch of the WXKS-AM calls from 1430 in Everett, MA to Newton, MA, and WKOX-AM calls from Newton, MA to Everett, MA occurred almost a year ago. As I write this, the Boston PPMs are due in a couple of hours, and WXKS-AM will be "celebrating" TEN months of failure with an all right-wing lineup.