Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed calls recently:

Birmingham, Alabama 960 WVVB from WERC
Gadsden, Alabama 1350 WGAD from WJBY
Rainbow City, Alabama 930 WJBY from WGAD
Wetumpka, Alabama 1250 WRBZ from WAPZ
Elk Grove, California 1030 KEGC (new station)
Golden, Colorado 1550 KGCQ (new station)
Bloomfield, Connecticut 1550 WSDK from WDZK
Ridgefield, Connecticut 850 WAXB from WREF
Mims, Florida 840 WPGS from WGRU
Alma, Georgia 1400 WAWO from WAJQ
Toccoa, Georgia 1420 WLET from WVNG
Weiser, Idaho 1260 KTRP from KWEI
Wendell, Idaho 1340 KTFI from KXSL
Neon, Kentucky 1480 WIZD from WGCK
Newburg, Kentucky 680 WHBE from WDRD
Easton, Maryland 1460 WKHZ from WEMD
Ocean City, Maryland 1590 WMHZ from WKHZ
East Grand Forks, Minn. 1590 KGFK from KCNN
Lucedale, Mississippi 1440 WVGG from WRBE
Billings, Montana 1240 KJCR from KMZK
Henderson, Nevada 1280 KQLL from KDOX
Carolina Beach, N.C. 1180 WSFM from WUIN
Warren, Ohio 1570 WHTX from WANR
Portland, Oregon 1150 KXET from KLPM
Lemont, Pennsylvania 1490 WSCE (new station)
Pittsburgh, Penna. 1250 WDDZ from WEAE
Pawtucket, R.I. 550 WBZS from WDDZ
Hilton Head Isl., S.C. 1130 WHHW from WFXH
Salt Lake City, Utah 570 KNRS from KACP
Santa Clara, Utah 1290 KNFC (new station)
Winchester, Virginia 610 WXVA from WLVE
Vancouver, Washington 1550 KKOV from KKAD
Beckley, West Virginia 1070 WBKW from WIWS
Quebradillas, P.R. 960 WDNO from WCHQ

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