Friday, April 15, 2011

AM station deleted

Leone, American Samoa: 648KHz
WVUV deleted.
The strange frequency is not a typo. Stations outside ITU Region II use 9KHz channels - 630, 639, 648, 657, 666, 675, etc...


Laurence Glavin said...

What station or stations operate on 666?

Doug Smith said...

There are quite a few. In the ITU Region 1/3 bandplan it's just as valid as any other frequency. Some stations there:

SWR Rohrdorf, Germany
ABC Canberra, Australia
DZRH Manila, Philippines
ERA Filia, Greece
R. Sekuntum Burgah Yonanda, Jakarta, Indonesia
BBC Radio York
NHK-1 Kansai, Japan
AIR Delhi B, India

among many others.

I can't prove it at this time but I'm almost certain a Christian station somewhere in Africa once operated on 666KHz.