Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FCC broadcast station totals

The FCC has released a count of authorized broadcast stations as of the end of March:

AM: 4,778 stations (down 4 from the end of 2010)
FM: 6,533 stations (up 7)

non-commercial FM: 3,417 stations (up 106, as the Commission continues to act on a a PILE of applications from a recent filing window. They're not done yet, expect another significant increase next quarter.)

UHF commercial TV: 1,022 stations (no change)
VHF commercial TV: 360 stations (down 8, probably due to deletion of already-defunct stations in the rural West.)
non-commercial UHF: 285 stations (up 1)
non-commercial VHF: 107 stations (no change)

FM translators: 6,141 stations (up 10, they're still working on a filing window for these too.)

UHF TV translators: 3,043 stations (down 30. They've been canceling defunct translators & LPTVs lately.)
VHF TV translators: 1,411 stations (down 43)
UHF LPTV: 1,656 stations (down 11)
VHF LPTV: 516 stations (down 8)
UHF Class A TV: 439 stations (down 2)
VHF Class A TV: 76 stations (down 5)

LPFM: 859 stations (no change)

ALL broadcast stations: 30,643 stations (up 13)

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