Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Montreal 690/940 to return

A message on Radio-Info.com quotes a local TV report as stating two new AM stations will launch in Montreal later this year. The former all-news, and before that, CBC, frequencies 690 & 940 will be used. Both frequencies will carry continuous traffic reports.

Looking in the Industry Canada database, both licences were canceled on February 22nd of last year, after their previous owners took the stations silent.

Last Tuesday, May 10th, new technical proposals were filed for use of the 690/940 frequencies.

940 would operate in English, from 45-38-58N/73-42-51W.
690 would operate in French, from 45-30-00N/73-35-58W.

Yes, it's ironic that two different sites are proposed. Neither proposed site is the same as that previously used by the stations, and neither site is the same as any other current or recently-defunct station. No power or antenna pattern is given for either frequency.

(I suspect the 690 site coordinates are a typo. It turns out those coordinates are in Mont Royal Park -- a very suitable location for an FM station (and where most Montreal FMs are) but not so much so for AM, especially at high power.)

On April 14th, another proposal was filed, for use of 1530KHz at the same site as this month's 690 proposal. Again, no power was given, nor is there any indication of who proposed 1530. (whether it was the same group responsible for the 690/940 proposal)

I haven't seen anything clear the Canadian Radio-television and Communications Commission yet. I would expect they will need to sign off on this.

These stations were of course widely DXable in both their previous incarnations. The other side of the coin... is that if you're east of the Rockies, you need to clean up on 690KHz now, while the big Montreal signal is still silent. Real plums like Vancouver and the low-powered station in western Nebraska may be ripe for the picking.

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Doug Smith said...

As it turns out, both sets of coordinates are wrong.

The CRTC placed both applications on public notice today; the notice specifically states that the former 690/940 transmission facilities will be used by the new stations. (assuming they're granted)