Friday, July 15, 2011

Applications filed for new AM stations (Canada)

Montreal, Quebec: various frequencies:
Four applications filed for new AM stations in Montreal:
1. 600KHz: 250 watts daytime, 50 watts night, South Asian.
2. 1400KHz: 1,000 watts day & night, South Asian. Would go to 1610KHz when existing CJWI moves to 1410. Mutually exclusive with #4.
3. 1530KHz: 1,000 watts daytime only, French contemporary Christian.
4. 1610KHz: 1,000 watts day & night, Spanish. Mutually exclusive with #2.

Mississauga, Ontario: 960KHz:
Application filed for new AM station.
2,000 watts daytime; 280 watts night.
News/talk format.

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