Friday, August 26, 2011

KXEL-1540 off

This 50,000-watt station in eastern Iowa suffered transmitter damage as the result of a July windstorm. There is no timetable for returning to the air.

At my Nashville-area location, CHIN Toronto will probably be the main beneficiary of KXEL's absence. I would imagine WDCD Albany, NY will the the most heard 1540 station in the east, and ZNS-1 in the Bahamas is another likely target.

Here is a link to KXEL's website.


Laurence Glavin said...

I live in the northeastern portion of Massachusetts and from time to time, I listen to WDCD at night, and I've noticed that it fades in and out and doesn't seem ever to be as secure as nearby WWKB-AM 1520 in Buffalo. At the same time, I don't notice much co-channel interference from KXEL or ZNS. WDCD seemingly does this without any help from these stations.

Doug Smith said...

Here in Nashville, 1540 pretty much belongs to CHIN Toronto. (indeed, CHIN is probably the most reliable Canadian signal here these days)

At 1540, groundwave isn't very good -- and I'd imagine the ground conductivity around Albany isn't the best either. I would expect a fair amount of fading. I think the conductivity is quite a bit better in WWKB-land.

BTW, KXEL's silent period didn't last long; it was back a day or two after this post.