Friday, September 30, 2011

AM station call changes

Call letter changes released today.. Note the disappearance of the legacy KFRC San Francisco calls from AM. They will live on on KFRC-FM 106.9, although it's my understanding the calls are almost never used on FM. (the station relays KCBS 740 AM)

ALAB Eufaula 1240 WNRA CC from WULA
CALI San Francisco 610 KZDG CC from KFRC
COLO Denver 1340 KVOQ CC from KCFR
GEOR Toccoa 1420 WEJY CC from WLET
MINN Bemidji 1300 KPMI CC for NS
MINN Minneapolis 1130 KTCN CC from KFAN
MINN Rochester 1270 KFAN CC from KTCN
MISSO Waynesville 1270 KIIK CC from KOZQ
OHIO Columbus 820 WVSG CC from WOSU
PENN Connellsville 1340 WBGI CC from WYJK
TEXA Pearsall 1280 KMFR CC from KVWG
TEXA Stockdale 1520 KQQB CC from KHLT

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AM station (permit) deleted

Easton, California: 1150KHz:
KWDO deleted.
This was not an operating station, but a permit for a new operation.

Monday, September 26, 2011

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FCC authorized "Controlled Carrier" AM

FCC DA-11-1535A1:

Some hams may remember something called "controlled carrier". ISTR this feature was installed in my Heathkit DX-60 ham transmitter.

The idea was to adjust the level of the AM carrier signal dynamically, as the level of the modulating audio changed. If your 500-watt AM transmitter is only being modulated 50%, you only need 250 watts of carrier to avoid overmodulation; the remaining 250 watts are essentially wasted.

Apparently this feature has been available in broadcast transmitters for some time, and used by high-powered stations overseas. It's also been tested domestically on KOTZ-720, Kotzebue, Alaska.

The FCC has now authorized its use in general by U.S. AM stations. Stations wishing to use it must request a "MDCL Waiver" of 73.1560(a).

("MDCL" = "Modulation Dependent Carrier Level")

(I gave up on AM phone with the DX-60 & went back to Morse Code when I got a 5 by 4 report from a station six miles away...)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Applications for new AM stations in Montreal

As you may remember, a few months ago proposals were filed for new AM stations to occupy the clear channels 690 and 940 in Montreal. These are going to a hearing on October 17. The following applications were filed:

690: Dufferin Communications, for a LGBT-oriented station, in French.
CKGM, to move their English all-sports station from 990 to 690.
7954689 Canada Inc., for a French news/talk station.

940: Metromedia CMR, for the originally-planned English-language traffic station.
7954689 Canada Inc., for an English news/talk station.

Metromedia CMR dropped their application for a new French traffic station on 690; they have instead converted their existing French news/talk station CKAC-730 to an all-traffic format.

CKGM's application is a bit of a surprise; can't say I'd expect the CRTC to approve an application that would involve changing the language of the big 690 signal.

I'm not entirely sure whether there's a well-known company behind "7954689 Canada Inc.". The email address on the application is that of a Nicholas Tetrault, who comes up on Wikipedia as a BQ candidate for Parliament in the 2000 election.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

AM station going away

Grande-Anse, New Brunswick: 540KHz:
CBGA-1 going away.
This 10,000 watt AM relayer of FM 102.1 from Matane, Quebec is to be replaced by four FM transmitters in Quebec.

AM station call changes

The following AM stations have recently changed callsigns:

Sacramento, California 1240 KCVV from KRJY
Boise, Idaho 950 KMHR from KNJY
Glencoe, Minnesota 1310 KTWN from KGLB
Rochester, Minnesota 1270 KTCN from KWEB
Middletown, New York 1400 WMJQ from WYNY
Berwick, Pennsylvania 1280 WBWX from WFBS
Milford, Pennsylvania 1450 WYNY from WMJQ
Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania 1240 WVSL from WYGL
Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania 720 WHYF from WWII
Beaver, Utah 1230 KBEV (new station)