Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Applications for new AM stations in Montreal

As you may remember, a few months ago proposals were filed for new AM stations to occupy the clear channels 690 and 940 in Montreal. These are going to a hearing on October 17. The following applications were filed:

690: Dufferin Communications, for a LGBT-oriented station, in French.
CKGM, to move their English all-sports station from 990 to 690.
7954689 Canada Inc., for a French news/talk station.

940: Metromedia CMR, for the originally-planned English-language traffic station.
7954689 Canada Inc., for an English news/talk station.

Metromedia CMR dropped their application for a new French traffic station on 690; they have instead converted their existing French news/talk station CKAC-730 to an all-traffic format.

CKGM's application is a bit of a surprise; can't say I'd expect the CRTC to approve an application that would involve changing the language of the big 690 signal.

I'm not entirely sure whether there's a well-known company behind "7954689 Canada Inc.". The email address on the application is that of a Nicholas Tetrault, who comes up on Wikipedia as a BQ candidate for Parliament in the 2000 election.

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