Friday, September 30, 2011

AM station call changes

Call letter changes released today.. Note the disappearance of the legacy KFRC San Francisco calls from AM. They will live on on KFRC-FM 106.9, although it's my understanding the calls are almost never used on FM. (the station relays KCBS 740 AM)

ALAB Eufaula 1240 WNRA CC from WULA
CALI San Francisco 610 KZDG CC from KFRC
COLO Denver 1340 KVOQ CC from KCFR
GEOR Toccoa 1420 WEJY CC from WLET
MINN Bemidji 1300 KPMI CC for NS
MINN Minneapolis 1130 KTCN CC from KFAN
MINN Rochester 1270 KFAN CC from KTCN
MISSO Waynesville 1270 KIIK CC from KOZQ
OHIO Columbus 820 WVSG CC from WOSU
PENN Connellsville 1340 WBGI CC from WYJK
TEXA Pearsall 1280 KMFR CC from KVWG
TEXA Stockdale 1520 KQQB CC from KHLT


Laurence Glavin said...

I see you use 4-letter abbreviations for the States rather than the USPS 2-letter versions. Thus PA is PENN. When I was a yute, almost all snack foods I ate were in packages with the text: "Approved by the PENNA Department of Agriculture". I guess Pennsylvania was to junk food what Delaware is to incorporation law. If my recollection is correct, only the junk food manufacturers ever used the PENNA abbreviation.

Doug Smith said...


I collect this data at the same time I collect data for my monthly column in the VHF-UHF Digest. Some readers found it difficult to locate information when I sorted my column by 2-letter USPS abbreviation; they expected to find states sorted by the entire name. Nebraska comes before North Carolina; Arizona before Arkansas, etc...

So, when I collect FCC data, I use at least four characters. Sometimes more are necessary to make an abbreviation unique. (NORTHC, as just "NORT" could also be North Dakota)

For the TV tech stuff, that ends up in a rather large text file, which is then run through the Unix SORT utility & imported into a word-processor document for publication.

Chet Jensen W6XK said...

The most recent "KFRC" was on 1550 not 610. Family Radio purchased the original Big 610!

I enjoy the blog. Keep up the great work.

73, Chet W6XK

Doug Smith said...

(Thanks Chet, I stand corrected -- should have double-checked the FCC DB first like I had to with the rest of the call changes!)