Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AM station going away

Kispiox, British Columbia: 990KHz:
CBTD requests move to FM.
The station plans to move to 91.3 FM at a different site.

Friday, November 25, 2011

New stations, and not

Calgary, Alberta: 1670KHz:
Application for new station.
5,000 watts daytime
1,000 watts nighttime
(Punjabi-World Network)

Ottawa, Ontario: 1630KHz:
Application for new station.
1,000 watts day & night
(Papoo Holdings)
(would displace low-power station CHYW on the same frequency)

Montevallo, Alabama: 880KHz:
Application for new station dismissed.
(Scott C. Cinnamon)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Application for new AM station amended

Walsenburg, Colorado: 1180KHz:
Application for new station.
20,000 watts daytime
300 watts nighttime
Directional, different patterns day & night.
(Mainstreet Broadcasting)
Amendment from 1,700 watts daytime/350 watts nighttime, directional only at night.

New AM station on the air

Garden City, Kansas: 1340KHz:
New station KGGS on the air.
1,000 watts daytime
880 watts nighttime
Country music, farm information.

Applications to amend existing AM stations

Sylva, North Carolina: 540KHz:
WRGC has refiled to move from 680.
5,000 watts daytime
140 watts nighttime
This station is reportedly off the air.

Memphis, Tennessee: 830KHz:
KOTC has refiled to move from Kennett, Missouri.
3,500 watts, daytime only.

Permit granted for new AM station

Mississauga, Ontario: 960KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
2,000 watts daytime
280 watts nighttime
The decision doesn't say, but it's probably directional day & night with different patterns.
To be local news/talk for Mississauga.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New stations granted in Montreal

OK, we have the winners...

Montreal, Quebec: 690KHz:
CKGM granted move from 990.
50,000 watts day & night, probably non-directional.
English-language all sports.

Montreal, Quebec: 940KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
50,000 watts day & night, directional status unknown.
French-language news/talk.

Montreal, Quebec: 990KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
50,000 watts day & night, directional all hours, different patterns day & night.
(will use the former CKGM facility)
French-language LGBT-oriented station.

The stations that were granted 940 and 990KHz had both requested 690, but the CRTC felt CKGM could make best use of the channel.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AM station deleted

Young Harris, Georgia: 770KHz:
WYHG deleted.
License surrendered to FCC for cancellation.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AM station format change

I don't normally report on format changes, but this station has been the first New Mexico logging for quite a few people..

KCKN-1020 Roswell, New Mexico has been sold to Radio Vision Cristiana. This is a Hispanic religious group responsible for stations like WWRV-1330 New York City and a station on 530 in the Caribbean.

New stations: one permit granted, and one on the air

Winterville, North Carolina: 1570KHz:
WECU new on the air.
8,000 watts daytime
200 watts nighttime
Non-directional all hours.
Winterville is in Pitt County near Greenville.
(CTC Media Group)

Reno, Nevada: 1180KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
7,500 watts daytime
950 watts nighttime
Directional at night only
(Eastern Sierra Broadcasting)

AM stations going away

Pemberton, British Columbia:1240KHz:
CBXK proposes move to 91.5 FM.

Atikokan, Ontario:1240KHz:
CFOB-1 proposes move to 95.9 FM.
This is currently an AM station relaying an FM...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

National EAS Test

Early reports suggest Wednesday afternoon's national EAS Test didn't fare very well.

Nearly everyone is reporting spurious audio. At our station it sounded like "printthru" on analog tape. (you could hear weak data bursts, alert tone, and voice message several seconds before the "real" data, tone, and voice happened)

At least at our station (in Nashville) the voice message was fully intelligible and of decent quality. I have heard from several parts of the country where the message was distorted or noisy to the point of being unintelligible. In other parts, the message was completely non-existent.

Reportedly the test didn't happen at all in Oregon and in several other smaller areas.

I suspect we will be seeing a repeat of this test early next year.

Please chime in with your observations.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

AM station call changes

The following stations have changed callsigns recently:

Haleyville, Alabama 1230 WWWH from WJBB
Dover, Delaware 1600 WAMS from WMHZ
Waukon, Iowa 1160 KFXE from KSFF
Corbin, Kentucky 1600 WRSL from WKFO
Marysville, Ohio 1270 WQTT from WUCO
Berwick, Pennsylvania 1280 WBWX from WFBS
Pottstown, Pennsylvania 1370 WBZH from WPAZ
Hope Valley, Rhode Isl. 1180 WCRI from WCNX
Paris, Tennessee 1000 WRQR from WMUF

AM station changed frequency

Kalamazoo, Michigan: 1440KHz:
WKPR moved from 1420.
Power to 2,700 watts daytime; 24 watts nighttime, non-directional.

Permits granted for new stations

Wasilla, Alaska: 880KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
210 watts day & night, non-directional
Steve King (yes, I'm pretty sure this is the same Steven King who writes horror stories)

Fritch, Texas: 1570KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
12,000 watts daytime, directional
1,000 watts nighttime, directional, different pattern
La Promesa Foundation

Applications for new AM stations

Tyonek, Alaska: 1360KHz:
Application for new station.
20,000 watts day & night, non-directional.
Radio 786 Inc.

Star, Idaho: 1020KHz:
Application for new station.
10,000 watts daytime, non-directional
460 watts nighttime, directional
Automated Business Services Inc.