Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AM stations going away

Pemberton, British Columbia:1240KHz:
CBXK proposes move to 91.5 FM.

Atikokan, Ontario:1240KHz:
CFOB-1 proposes move to 95.9 FM.
This is currently an AM station relaying an FM...


aurorabob said...

Two more AM stations disappear, but a new 1kw 1420 in Digby Nova Scotia gets the go-ahead.

Doug Smith said...

1420 Digby is a new "station" but not a new "transmitter". The Canadian rules are a bit different that way.

In the U.S., a radio broadcasting license conveys authority for only one transmitter. If you need more than one transmitter to achieve desired coverage, you have to take out more than one license.

In most other countries, including Canada, a broadcasting license may authorize more than one transmitter. Or, an additional transmitter may be added to an existing license.

That's what happened here. CKEN-97.7 Kentville wanted to improve their coverage, so they obtained permission to add another transmitter to the CKEN license. That transmitter is on 1420 at Digby, and has been assigned the CKDY calls.

(which implies there is some programming that airs only in Digby; if 1420 was a 100% relay of Kentville, it would have received the CKEN calls with a suffix number, like "CKEN-1")

It seems that the owners have decided they'd like for the Digby operation to be a station in its own right. To do so, they take out a license for a new "station", but using the existing "transmitter".

I'm a bit fuzzy on the logic behind this, but I think as long as CKDY is a "transmitter of CKEN", it cannot solicit local advertising in the Digby area. It must relay the local Kentville advertising from CKEN, or air regional advertising (applicable to the entire central Nova Scotia area) and national advertising. (applicable across Canada)

By converting to a "station" -- and accepting some additional programming obligations -- CKDY is allowed to solicit local advertising applicable only to Digby and vicinity.

But I could be wrong about that...

Anyway, there is NOT going to be a new AM signal in Nova Scotia.

aurorabob said...

By George, you're right! Thought we might actually be adding an AM transmitter to the list. I stand corrected.