Thursday, November 10, 2011

National EAS Test

Early reports suggest Wednesday afternoon's national EAS Test didn't fare very well.

Nearly everyone is reporting spurious audio. At our station it sounded like "printthru" on analog tape. (you could hear weak data bursts, alert tone, and voice message several seconds before the "real" data, tone, and voice happened)

At least at our station (in Nashville) the voice message was fully intelligible and of decent quality. I have heard from several parts of the country where the message was distorted or noisy to the point of being unintelligible. In other parts, the message was completely non-existent.

Reportedly the test didn't happen at all in Oregon and in several other smaller areas.

I suspect we will be seeing a repeat of this test early next year.

Please chime in with your observations.

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Anonymous said...

With cell phone penetration as high as it is... it would be better to focus efforts on that..
Besides.. Im sure im not the only one that has given up on ota radio.
Even sat tv.. i hardly ever watch it. But, if an emergency happened in the middle of dancing with the stars im sure it would be a good idea to get it right...