Monday, January 09, 2012

AM call changes

The following stations have changed callsigns recently:

Haleyville, Alabama 1230 WWWH from WJBB
Tucson, Arizona 1450 KTZR from KWFM
White Hall, Arkansas 1190 KJJI for new station; believed to be testing..
Eureka, California 790 KEJY from KWSW
Eureka, California 980 KWSW from KINS
Hiawassee, Georgia 1230 WJUL from WNGM
Hilo, Hawaii 1450 KMCA for new station
Decatur, Indiana 1540 WJZI from WADM
Sanford, Maine 1220 WWSF from WPHX
Baltimore, Maryland 860 WFSI from WBGR
Morningside, Maryland 1580 WNEW from WHFS
Isleta, New Mexico 1510 KOAZ from KMYN
Columbus, Ohio 820 WVSG from WOSU
Mount Angel, Oregon 1130 KQRR from KPWX
Columbia, S. Carolina 560 WXBT from WVOC
Newport, Tenn. 1060 WNPC from WGGQ
Huntington, W.Va. 1200 WEMM from WNBL
Hurricane, W.Va. 1110 WMUX from WIHY
Stevens Point, Wis. 1010 WPCN from WSPT
Village of Superior, Wis. 1560 WIVS for new station

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