Friday, January 06, 2012

Broadcast stations: growth & not...

The FCC released their quarterly Broadcast Station Totals report today.

Full-power radio has grown in the last quarter. There are three more AM stations than there were in September -- I count six stations new to the air; apparently three old stations were deleted. The new ones:

KTFI-1340 Wendell, Idaho
KGGS-1340 Garden City, Kansas
WGUY-1230 Veazie, Maine
KKXA-1520 Snohomish, Washington
WLUX-1450 Dunbar, West Virginia
KKMP-1440 Garapan, Saipan

Twelve more commercial FM stations came on the air in the last quarter. The real growth has been in non-commercial FM, with 72 new stations, 2% growth in a single quarter.

Totals were unchanged in three of the four full-power TV categories. A new commercial VHF station (KSQA-12 Topeka, Kansas) came on the air, for the only change here.

The FCC has been "clearing out deadwood", deleting expired low-power stations in both TV and radio. In radio, fourteen FM translators and ten LPFMs have been deleted. In TV, eleven Class A stations; 62 TV translators; and 21 LPTVs have been deleted. There aren't many VHF Class A's, so the deletion of three such stations represented a more than 4% decline in this class of station.

Overall, the total number of licensed broadcast stations declined by 30 in the last quarter, leaving 30,411 stations on the air.

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