Friday, January 20, 2012

DX test scheduled in New Mexico

I apologize, I knew about this one but forgot to post it...

Thanks to Saul Chernos:

Reminder - DX Test this weekend! (that's very late tonight and tomorrow night)...

1490 KRSN NM Los Alamos

Scheduled for early Saturday and Sunday mornings, Jan. 21 and 22, each startinmg at midnight MOUNTAIN time (0700 UTC).

Each test is scheduled to run for 10 minutes.

Included are sweep tones, 20 WPM Morse code at 700 Hz, telephone 'offhook' signal, and vocal IDs & announcements provided by Paul
Walker ( Thanks, Paul!

Also included is 20 WPM Morse code at 5 kHz, so those of you with the equipment can try to detect the sidebands as CW at 1485 or 1495 kHz.

The transmitter is a Harris DAX-1 at 1000 Watts into a 3-wire folded monopole antenna located at N35° 53'37.6", W106° 17'36.8"

Preferred reception report method is via email to - please attach an audio clip of what you heard, if possible. At least give a good description.

If you simply must use snail-mail, send your report (and a CD or cassette, if you can) to:

DX Test C/O David Sutton
3801 Arkansas Ave, Ste. E.
Los Alamos, NM, 87544

With thanks to Mike Westfall of Los Alamos, NM, for arranging this.

Saul Chernos
IRCA-NRC DX Test Committee

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