Friday, January 20, 2012

Two more Canadian AMs to go away

- CKMW-1570 Winkler, Manitoba has filed to move to 103.7 FM with 100kw/52m. This is probably to be on the same tower as CJEL-FM 93.5.

- The CBC proposes to move CHFA-680 Edmonton to 90.1 FM.

In theory, what's happening is:
- CHFA's current 3.9kW "embedded relay" CHFA-1-FM on 101.1FM moves to the exiting 100kw
transmitter on 90.1.
- The existing Espace Musique relay on 90.1FM moves to the old CHFA-1-FM transmitter on 101.1.
- CHFA is deleted altogether.
- CHFA-1-FM becomes the originating station for Premiere Chaine in Alberta.

In practice, what's happening is:
- CHFA moves to 90.1 FM.
- The Espace Musique relay bumped from 90.1 moves to 101.1 FM.

Either way, AM 680 goes away.

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