Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two AM licenses go away

McComb, Mississippi: 1250KHz:
Here's the other one: WHNY goes away...

- 10/27/2000: WHNY files for Special Temporary Authority (STA) to operate at 250 watts non-directional at night, due to fire & theft damage.

- 1/30/2004: WHNY files for license renewal.
FCC Enforcement Bureau requests deferral of processing. Station had history of violations, including:
Antenna tower registration
Tower lights
Antenna not fenced
Main studio location
Failure to ID
Operating at unauthorized power

- 1/2/2005: STA expires.
WHNY fails to request extension.

- 11/19/2008: WHNY begins operating at reduced power of 250 watts at night.
Station fails to notify FCC of the reduced power operation.

- 1/18/2010: Station claims it was forced off the air by "a loss of radio frequency excitation in the transmitter."
(a pretty vague explanation that would likely have been promptly fixed by any remotely competent engineer - ds)
Station fails to notify FCC it's silent.

- 9/24/2010: WHNY claims it operated today & on the 25th.

- 10/2010: FCC attempts to inspect WHNY.
Finds station off-air and studio apparently abandoned.
Mails "Operational Status Inquiry" asking for an update on WHNY's operational status.
Notes the station has 30 days to respond, or the Commission will dismiss the pending renewal application.
Station doesn't respond. FCC's registered letter to WHNY's address of record is returned "Box Closed".

- 1/5/2011: FCC writes to station, indicating license has expired.

- 1/18/2011: WHNY license expires due to station remaining off the air since 1/18/2010.
FCC says operation in late September doesn't count, as authorized nighttime facilities were not used.

- 9/12/2011: WHNY requests Special Temporary Authority to operate with temporary antenna at 1,250/250 ND.

- 9/20/2011: WHNY files request to reinstate its license.

- 2/1/2012: WHNY files for license renewal.

- 3/26/2012: FCC rules WHNY license is expired and cannot be renewed.
Dismisses request for 1,250/250 STA and renewal application;
No WHNY license exists to be renewed.

Two AM licenses go away

Greenwood, South Carolina: 1350KHz:
WLMA is gone...

- 12/1/1995: WLMA license expires. No renewal application had been filed.

- 12/3/1996: FCC inspects WLMA.
Station is on the air, although its license is expired & no renewal has been filed.
Inspector finds station is transmitting from a site about ten miles from the last-authorized site.

- 12/23/1996: FCC issues Notice of Violation for unauthorized site change.
WLMA promises to file for construction permit to specify new site.

- 1/28/1997: FCC issues Continuation of Offical Notice of Violation.
Notice requires WLMA to show that either it's off the air; it's operating from the originally-authorized site; or it has Special Temporary Authority to operate from the new site.

- 2/28/1997: WLMA has not yet filed for CP to specify new site.

- 3/31/1997: WLMA responds to Jan. 28 Continuation of Official Notice of Violation by faxing a copy of a request for Special Temporary Authority. (STA)

- 4/4/1997: WLMA files above request for STA.

- 4/28/1997: FCC sends latter noting license has expired & continued operation is unauthorized.

- 6/10/1997: FCC dismisses request for STA for new site, noting WLMA license is expired.
Also notes STA would not cover Greenwood (WLMA's city of license);
that it would extend past the station's authorized service contour;
and that it would interfere with WELP, Easley during the day, and with WGAD, Gadsden AL and WTOU, Akron OH at night.

- 8/19/1997: WLMA files license renewal application.

- 9/15/1998: FCC verifies WLMA is still broadcasting from the wrong site.
Station still has no authority to opeate from this site.
Indeed, its license is expired, so it has no authority to operate from *either* site.

- 10/21/1998: FCC reinstates WLMA license.
FCC fines WLMA $4,000 for operating outside the terms of the license.

- 10/1998 or 11/1998: WLMA argues it can't afford to pay the $4,000 fine.

- 4/2/1999: FCC is not persuaded by WLMA's argument of poverty. Affirms $4,000 fine.

- 4/28/1999: FCC renews WLMA license.

- 1/21/2000: FCC inspects WLMA again.
Finds it's still transmitting from the wrong site.
Also finds no EAS gear.

- 2/2/2000: FCC issues another Notice of Violation.

- 3/30/2000: FCC issues Notice of Apparent Liability for $12,000.
Notes prior history of violations.

- 7/2000: FCC affirms $12,000 fine.
WLMA fails to respond to Notice of Apparent Liability.

- 10/8/2003: Complainant claims WLMA failed to reduce power at sunset as required.

- 12/1/2003: WLMA license expires *again*;
no renewal application has been filed.

- 3/2/2004: FCC informs station license has expired.

- 3/2004: after receiving above notice, WLMA files renewal application.
Also requests STA to continue operation pending consideration of renewal.

- 4/20/2004: FCC grants STA but only for operation from the licensed site.

- 10/20/2004: STA expires.

- 10/24/2004: WLMA requests extension of STA.
FCC refuses to extend it.

- 4/1/2008: WLMA files for CP to move to the site from which it's already operating.
Also proposes to sell the station to a new owner.

- 7/27/2011: WLMA files again for license renewal.

- 3/26/2012: FCC confirms WLMA is *still* operating from the unauthorized site.
FCC rules WLMA license expired on December 3, 1997 and terminates all authority to operate.

edit 2012-04-11 to correct typo: "...already operation." to "...already operating."

AM major change dismissed

Tafuna, American Samoa: 630KHz:
KJAL request to move from 585KHz dismissed.
Station would have remained 5,000 watts non-directional day & night.
KJAL will remain on 585.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Permit granted for new station

Southchase, Florida: 1540KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
7,000 watts daytime
300 watts nighttime
directional, different patterns day & night


South-southeast of Orlando, near the junction of Florida 417 and Landstar Boulevard.

(George M. Arroyo)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

AM station moved to new city

Lobelville, Tennessee: 1570KHz:
WNKX moved from Centerville.
1,000 watts daytime
66 watts nighttime

This move was necessary to allow Lobelville's FM station WFGZ-94.5 to move to Bellevue, Tennessee. (where it became "Hippie Radio" WHPY-FM)

The FCC does not allow deletion of a community's only radio station. WNKX-FM 96.7 remains in Centerville.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AM station deleted

Newark, Delaware: 1260KHz:
WNWK deleted
(license surrendered for cancellation)

Friday, March 09, 2012

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed calls recently:

Centre, Alabama 1560 WZTQ from WLYJ
Holt, Alabama 1340 WMHZ new station
Sanford, Maine 1220 WWSF from WPHX
Reno, Nevada 1180 KCKQ new station
Rochester, New Hampshire 930 WPKX from WGIN
Raleigh, North Carolina 570 WFNL from WQDR
Pawtucket, Rhode Island 550 WSJW from WBZS
Dallas, Texas 1480 KBXD from KNIT
Kennewick, Washington 1340 KJOX from KTCR
Yakima, Washington 1390 KTCR from KJOX

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Permit granted for new station

Walsenburg, Colorado: 1180KHz:
Permit granted for new station.
20,000 watts daytime
300 watts nighttime
directional day & night, different patterns

AM station deleted

Gilmer, Texas: 1060KHz:
KOFY deleted.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Proposed new FM stations in Toronto

Last year, the CRTC deleted station CKLN-FM 88.1 Toronto. As you might imagine, opening up a fairly powerful FM channel in Canada's largest media market would probably attract a LOT of applicants:

1. CIRR-FM, to move their LGBT-oriented station from 103.9 to 88.1, with a major power increase.
2. CFZM, for a station to relay AM 740.
3. CJBC, for a station to relay AM 860.
4. CKFG, to move from 98.7 and increase power.
5. CHOQ, to move from 105.1 and increase power.
6. new contemporary Christian station.
7. three applications for new adult alternative stations.
8. new "world music" station, in English.
9. three news/talk stations, one concentrating on business news.
10. a jazz/blues station.
11. a soft adult contemporary station.
12. "family friendly" variety...
13. two stations with "indie music" and "emerging genres".
14. three applications for ethnic stations.
15. An application to resurrect CKLN.....

I count a total of 22 applications.

Also filed were applications for an adult alternative station and two adult contemporary stations on other frequencies elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

BIG "non-test" next Saturday morning

This is a big one!

WGN-720 Chicago will be off the air between 2 and 5am Central time next Saturday, March 10th. (that's coming out of Friday night)

What's more, while it's not 100% confirmed, it is VERY probable both WSCR-670 and WBBM-780 will also be off the air during this period.

DXers are working feverishly to arrange special test broadcasts from stations normally blocked by these three Chicago powerhouses. A test has already been arranged with KOTZ-720 Kotzebue, Alaska.

Block out some time for this one, This is an opportunity that's not likely to be repeated...

Dying station running Morse IDs...

As you saw here, CKMO-900 Victoria, BC is going permanently silent sometime tomorrow, Sunday, March 4th.

DXer Walt Salmaniw in Victoria reports the station is running frequency Morse IDs -- between songs, after the news, etc...

Obviously this isn't much notice, but if you happen to have a chance to check tonight, that Morse is likely to cut through the channel pretty well. Good luck!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Applications filed for new AM stations

Mililani Town, Hawaii: 1230KHz:
Application filed for new station.
1,000 watts day & night, non-directional.
Americast Media

Keeau, Hawaii: 1260KHz:
Application filed for new station.
5,000 watts daytime
1,000 watts nighttime
non-directional day & night
Wagenvoord Advertising Group

Brampton, Ontario: 1190KHz:
Application filed for new station.
500 watts daytime
Nighttime power and directional characteristics not given, but I suspect it's 500/500 non-directional.
Listed as Class C, which in the U.S. would be limited to 1230/1240/1340/1400/1450/1490KHz.

Markham, Ontario: 1480/1490KHz:
Application filed for new station.
1,000 watts daytime on 1480
500 watts nighttime on 1490
Directional characteristics not given.