Saturday, March 03, 2012

BIG "non-test" next Saturday morning

This is a big one!

WGN-720 Chicago will be off the air between 2 and 5am Central time next Saturday, March 10th. (that's coming out of Friday night)

What's more, while it's not 100% confirmed, it is VERY probable both WSCR-670 and WBBM-780 will also be off the air during this period.

DXers are working feverishly to arrange special test broadcasts from stations normally blocked by these three Chicago powerhouses. A test has already been arranged with KOTZ-720 Kotzebue, Alaska.

Block out some time for this one, This is an opportunity that's not likely to be repeated...


Anonymous said...

Remember that Daylight Savings time starts at 2 AM, so 2 AM then becomes 3 AM and leaves you with just 2 hours (3 to 5 AM Daylight tme) to play with.

Doug Smith said...

I now have word that WSCR-670 will indeed be off during this test.

Mike Fitzpatrick said...

You won't hear much on 670 because of WWFE in Miami, who doesn't understand that they are to switch to 1kW from 50kW and change patterns from the north to the south at night. As it is right now on the east coast, 670 is a fight between those two stations at night.

Anonymous said...

So How Did It Go?
Anyone Get Any Good DX Stations
On 720 Or 670?