Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Proposed new FM stations in Toronto

Last year, the CRTC deleted station CKLN-FM 88.1 Toronto. As you might imagine, opening up a fairly powerful FM channel in Canada's largest media market would probably attract a LOT of applicants:

1. CIRR-FM, to move their LGBT-oriented station from 103.9 to 88.1, with a major power increase.
2. CFZM, for a station to relay AM 740.
3. CJBC, for a station to relay AM 860.
4. CKFG, to move from 98.7 and increase power.
5. CHOQ, to move from 105.1 and increase power.
6. new contemporary Christian station.
7. three applications for new adult alternative stations.
8. new "world music" station, in English.
9. three news/talk stations, one concentrating on business news.
10. a jazz/blues station.
11. a soft adult contemporary station.
12. "family friendly" variety...
13. two stations with "indie music" and "emerging genres".
14. three applications for ethnic stations.
15. An application to resurrect CKLN.....

I count a total of 22 applications.

Also filed were applications for an adult alternative station and two adult contemporary stations on other frequencies elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

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