Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two AM licenses go away

McComb, Mississippi: 1250KHz:
Here's the other one: WHNY goes away...

- 10/27/2000: WHNY files for Special Temporary Authority (STA) to operate at 250 watts non-directional at night, due to fire & theft damage.

- 1/30/2004: WHNY files for license renewal.
FCC Enforcement Bureau requests deferral of processing. Station had history of violations, including:
Antenna tower registration
Tower lights
Antenna not fenced
Main studio location
Failure to ID
Operating at unauthorized power

- 1/2/2005: STA expires.
WHNY fails to request extension.

- 11/19/2008: WHNY begins operating at reduced power of 250 watts at night.
Station fails to notify FCC of the reduced power operation.

- 1/18/2010: Station claims it was forced off the air by "a loss of radio frequency excitation in the transmitter."
(a pretty vague explanation that would likely have been promptly fixed by any remotely competent engineer - ds)
Station fails to notify FCC it's silent.

- 9/24/2010: WHNY claims it operated today & on the 25th.

- 10/2010: FCC attempts to inspect WHNY.
Finds station off-air and studio apparently abandoned.
Mails "Operational Status Inquiry" asking for an update on WHNY's operational status.
Notes the station has 30 days to respond, or the Commission will dismiss the pending renewal application.
Station doesn't respond. FCC's registered letter to WHNY's address of record is returned "Box Closed".

- 1/5/2011: FCC writes to station, indicating license has expired.

- 1/18/2011: WHNY license expires due to station remaining off the air since 1/18/2010.
FCC says operation in late September doesn't count, as authorized nighttime facilities were not used.

- 9/12/2011: WHNY requests Special Temporary Authority to operate with temporary antenna at 1,250/250 ND.

- 9/20/2011: WHNY files request to reinstate its license.

- 2/1/2012: WHNY files for license renewal.

- 3/26/2012: FCC rules WHNY license is expired and cannot be renewed.
Dismisses request for 1,250/250 STA and renewal application;
No WHNY license exists to be renewed.

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