Thursday, April 26, 2012

Callsigns changed

The following stations have recently changed callsigns:
Anniston, Alabama      1490 WFZX from WGBZ
Turrell, Arkansas      1180 KXIQ from WPLX
Pueblo, Colorado       1350 KCCY from KDZA
Walsenburg, Colorado   1180 KSPK (new station)
Toccoa, Georgia        1420 WLET from WHTD
Brandon, Mississippi    970 WFQY from WJFN
Ellenville, New York   1370 WJIP from WRWD
Hudson, New York       1230 WHUC from WAIP
Remsen, New York       1480 WRCK from WADR
Rome, New York         1450 WKAL from WRUY
Raleigh, N. Carolina    850 WPTK from WKIX
Moore, Oklahoma         640 KWPN from WWLS
Astoria, Oregon        1230 KVAS from KKEE
Pawtucket, R.I.         550 WSJW from WBZS
Conroe, Texas           880 KJOZ from KJOJ
Uvalde, Texas          1400 KGWU from KVOU
Forks, Washington      1490 KFKB from KRKZ
Oak Harbor, Washington 1110 KRPA from KWDB

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