Monday, May 21, 2012

Application for new AM station

Draper, Utah: 780KHz:
Application filed for new station
1,000 watts daytime
250 watts nighttime
Directional, different patterns day & night

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Application for new AM station

Black Hawk, South Dakota: 860KHz:
Application for new station.
50,000 watts daytime
22,000 watts critical hours
350 watts night
directional all hours, different patterns
Bott Broadcasting

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New AM stations

Applications have been filed for four new AM stations:

Juneau, Alaska: 1400KHz:
Application filed for new station.
25,000 watts daytime
1,000 watts nighttime
non-directional all hours.
James Warren Tipton, Jr.

Red Bluff, California: 1580KHz:
Application filed for new station.
3,000 watts daytime
1,000 watts nighttime
Directional at night only
IHR Educational Broadcasting

Lebanon, Oregon: 1100KHz:
Application filed for new station.
3,900 watts daytime
1,500 watts nighttime
Directional day & night, different patterns
Jessica Lund

Springville, Utah: 1580KHz:
Application filed for new station.
10,000 watts daytime
570 watts nighttime
Non-directional all hours

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Same callsign, two stations?

Not sure whether this is a policy change or just a clerical error...

For years, there has been a KFMT-FM on 105.5 in Fremont, Nebraska.

On Tuesday... the FCC assigned the calls KFMT to a new FM station in Lewistown, Montana.

Now, the calls *are* different. (no -FM in Montana) However, it's not been FCC policy in the past to allow the same four-letter "base call" to be used on two different stations in the same service by using or not using the -FM or -TV suffix.*

* it *has* been permissible to use them on two different stations in *different* services -- for example, on a full-power TV station and a LPTV. (WPXJ-LP Jacksonville, Florida and WPXJ-TV Batavia, New York, for example)

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Guess the (TV) station

From a mid-1960s press release. The call letters and city have been changed to make it a bit of a challenge -- everything else is as in the original: Really, if you read the right sentence, it's a dead giveaway...

"WXXX-TV, NBC, Channel 13, {city, state} announces expanded coverage beginning in early June.

A new broadcasting tower rising 2,000 feet above the surrounding terrain will make WXXX-TV the largest single NBC station in terms of geographic coverage.

The new tower will more than double the number of potential viewers in WXXX's area -- from 325,000 to 760,000. It will also add 200,000 cows to the coverage area, according to Leo Howard, station manager.

The new tower is the tallest man-made structure east of the Mississippi, according to station officials, and rises over twice as high as the world famous Eiffel Tower."